Saturday, 9 July 2016

The World of Sahana: Classes

The world of Sahana is designed as a Dungeons and Dragons campaign world, specifically D&D 3.5. So it stands to reason that all of the usual classes are available to all of the players right?
Well, not really.
See, the country of Ardale is also partially based on Far Eastern cultures, so there are additional classes pulled from the Oriental Adventures book.
This left me with a mild dilemma. See, one of the classes is called the Samurai class, but it outright sucks. There's no reason to use it over the basic Fighter class. It loses out on Base Attack Bonus (Seriously), gains a crippling Honour system and its' main gimmick requires you to invest precious Skill Points into a new skill which doesn't do much.
So I decided to boost the Samurai class to match the Fighter class, granting it better BAB and Feats and reducing the cultural limitations of the Bushido code (I personally never liked the Bushido way, some of its' principles seem counter-productive).
This came with the ironic problem of it now being better than the Fighter class. So, after much head-scratching, I came up with a way to balance them out.
I just combined them.
You can be a Fighter as normal, but if you're Lawful you can walk the Samurai path. This grants all of the typical advantages of being a Samurai, but if you ever act dishonourably you lose the benefits (Boosted Will save and ancestral weaponry) until you atone.
But since I was fiddling around with one of the most basic classes, I figured I might as well fiddle around with some of the other ones.
First off, I removed the Druid class due to it being waaay overpowered. Some of its' abilities got wrapped up with the Spirit Shaman class, which I'll explain later.
I also removed the Monk, since I was including Sohei, who're basically the same thing but with magic and armour. They had some drawbacks, which I chose to meld into the Sohei, to hep distinguish it from the Paladin.
So, without too much further ado, I'm going to explain the available classes and, more importantly, explain what changes I've made, if any.

The World of Sahana: Basics

First things first, I should explain what this is.
This is my own custom Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 setting.
Like most grand projects, it spawned from a very simple thought and very quickly spiralled into something else entirely.
And that opening thought was simply 'What if traditionally evil races, like the Drow and Goblins, weren't evil? What if everything else was more or less the same, but from a more Neutral perspective?'
And so I started from there.